2. The President Shall:

    (i) Preside over all meetings of core executive, executive council and general meetings

    (ii) Has the prerogative right to take emergency decision(s) and later inform the council members and the whole association members

    (iii) Summon all meetings through the secretary

    (iv) Be the official spokesperson of the students in the Mathematics Department

    (v) Shall direct the general affairs of the association

    (vi) Before assuming office, take and subscribe before the general student body of AMES at public gathering the presidential oath set out in this constitution.

    (vii) Present presidential address

    a. Acting on the advice of the executive council, at the beginning of each semester and before the dissolution of the council, deliver to the association an address on the state of affairs of AMES such address shall be called presidential message

    b. Notwithstanding clause(x)(a) supra the presidential message shall be liable to debate soon after the address, within which time the head of the judicial board shall chair the council, the president shall however resume his or her chairmanship of the house after the debate

  4. The vice president shall;

    (i) Perform all functions as in article ten of this constitution in the absence of the president except 1(v)

    (ii) Perform any other function(s) as may be assigned to him /her by the president and executive council

    (iii) Be the chairperson of the finance committee

    (iv) Be the overseer to all committees but not boards and commissions

    (v) Keep inventory of all AMES properties and declare all assets and liabilities, at the beginning and at the end of every semester

    (vi) Be at all council meeting

    (vii) In case of death or resignation or removal of the president, act until such time that elections are held

    (viii) Before assuming office, take and subscribe before the general student body of AMES at public gathering the presidential oath set out in this constitution.

  6. The secretary shall;

    (i) Keep true records of all proceedings and resolutions of general council and executive committee meeting and minutes accordingly during general meetings

    (ii) Be responsible for all correspondence of the association and shall perform all functions as shall be assigned to him or her by the president or executive members

    (iii) Be the administrative head of the association's secretariat

    (iv) Be responsible for conveying meetings in consultation with the president

    (v) Act as the chairperson in the absence of the president and vice president at general and executive council meetings

  8. Financial secretary shall;

    (i) Be responsible for the collection and recording of all monies of AMES and shall issue receipt to cover all such monies collected

    (ii) Take charge of all financial transactions in accordance with the provision of the constitution

    (iii) Submit documents for auditing to the AMES audit board when required

    (iv) Hand over all monies collected to treasurer within 24 hours after collection.

    (v) Notify members about the financial stand of the association at least once in a semester

    (vi) Be one of the signatories to the account of AMES

    (vii) Present and read the budget to executive council for vetting and approval within 3 weeks of re-opening

    (viii) Be the secretary to the finance committee

  10. The treasurer shall;

    (i) Send all monies to the bank within 48 hours after collection

    (ii) Receive and give out monies on record

    (iii) Be responsible for paying out monies on behalf of AMES and keeping accurate records to all financial transactions

    (iv) Notwithstanding clause (5) (ii) the treasurer shall keep the impress determined and approve by executive and shall account for it

    (v) Not affect any payment without the approval of the president

  12. The organizer shall;

    (i) Together with an ad-hoc committee be responsible for organizing members of association for any education trip or programme

    (ii) Put the meeting grounds in order before members arrive

  14. The welfare officer shall;

    (i) See to the general maintenance of AMES properties

    (ii) Perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president, vice president and secretary

    (iii) Keep accurate records of all monies collected and disbursed

    (iv) Make records available for auditing and be accountable to the executive council

  16. There shall be women's commissioner to be elected by members of the association who shall be charged with the responsibility of:

    (i) Assisting female students in realizing themselves as an important resource so as to contribute to the advancement of the society.

    (ii) Assisting in finding solutions to problems in connection with women related issues.

    (iii) Helping to prepare the female students for task ahead in life.

    (iv) Serving as a link between female students of the association and other groups with view to sharing ideas and strategies on issues concerning women.

    (v) Inculcating in female students a sense of inclusion, solidarity and active participation in Departmental and campus activities as a whole.

    (vi) Helping to raise the confidence level and ego among female students

    (vii) Bridging the gap of communication and cooperation between the opposite sexes.

    (viii) The women's commissioner at the beginning of each semester shall present proposal of activities and the expenditure involve for consideration and approval by the core executive.

  18. (i) All past council members are automatic members

    (ii) They shall be co-opt members to all committees

    (iii) That they shall at any time be consulted to share experience and give advice/ insight to/with other executives

    (iv) That they shall be representative of the constitutional amendment board/committee

    (v) Notwithstanding the responsibilities above, they shall be represented at the vetting of all candidates either to be appointed/ nominated

  20. (i) Shall be a liaison officer between the executive and members of the association

    (ii) Shall approve all notices of AMES to be pasted on the notice board

    (iii) Shall perform such functions that shall be assigned to him or her by the executive council

    (iv) Must be present at all executive council meetings

    (v) Function as General Secretary in the absence of the secretary

    (vi) Perform any function as shall be assigned to him/her by the President or the Executive Council

  22. (i) There shall be a chaplain and an assistant

    (ii) Organize religious activities in prayers before and after the association's meetings.

  24. (i) They shall represent their class in executive council

    (ii) They shall furnish their classes with any vital information about the association from executive council.

    (iii) Shall attend all council meeting, but if a member absents his/her self from two consecutive meeting he/she shall forfeit his/her position and the AMES EC shall conduct election for replacement within 1 week

    (iv) Notwithstanding with 12(iii) a member shall in formal written, notify the president 3 days to the meeting.